Trade Chain Working Capital

What is Trade Chain

The Cumulative Network of People, Entities, Information & Resources Involved in Moving Raw Materials, Components & finished Products From Original Suppliers to end Users. Trade Chain Management is Crucial for Most of the Companies and can include Hundreds of likes at Large Corporations; Thus it Requires Considerable Skill & Expertise.


Trade chain is an innovative open market for businesses. Clients can buy goods and services with optional full transparency. When goods or services are purchased, invoices are automatically generated containing certain and irrevocable digital certificates. This means that the buyer has bought authentic product.


Trade Chain is an Open trading platform. You can provide a quotation and trade directly with the customers to expand your business. It can also be used as a digital certificate to verify product authenticity.

Trade Chain Management:

  • Logistics:

    The transportation of the goods, & is thus only 1 part of the trade chain. It involves coordination of how products are made, when they are made, logistics, etc.
  • Trades:

    Manufacturers- a widget it sells in its retail stores. Widget- 10 components- 8 premade parts-2 raw material The widgets trade chain includes all eight the components of manufacturers, along with the two raw material suppliers. It includes all the suppliers to those manufacturers. The transportation companies for all the components and Raw materials are also part of the supply chain- 24 shipping Plus any shipping company that ships the widget to Congo Lom's retail stores

Trade Security

We do Provide the Trade Security for Your Order. Trade Assurance is a Free-Service Provided by us that's designed help to create Trust between Buyer's(Customer's & Supplier's). We also provide help to our Clients for getting Logistic Services & other Services for their Business.